Manufacturing Update

Starting Monday, we will temporarily be closing our store. We have been behind on manufacturing for quite some time, and are deeply sorry for the delays in our orders. Due to this, we will temporarily close our store for 1-2 weeks starting Monday the 12th. All orders caught in our delays will be receiving a gift card for these delays.
If you have a vital order, please reach out to us on Discord. Design orders will still be open upon request; DM us here or join our Discord. Until Monday, we are hosting a 25% off Sitewide sale to help encourage all orders that may be needed during our temporary closure.
We will be back in a better state, with faster manufacturing times and all new products for the upcoming season! We thank you for your understanding; as we move past this, we will be trying much harder to be more transparent with our delays and updates. If you have any questions, please reach out to us via Discord.
Sale Details:
Use code "25off" at checkout to take advantage of the site wide sale.